The soldier never got scars from battles.

I'm walking with a girl in the garden.

My mother was a wonderful woman.

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Everyone knows you're in love with Triantaphyllos.

I'll tell you why we haven't answered your letters.

Eva asked me not to tell anyone, so I didn't.

Elliott is a better swimmer than Jane.

That's the best one.

Unfortunately, I don't have time today.

He likes to show off.

They made for the scene of the accident.

It happened by accident.


Ronald said that he wanted to learn French.


We played a good knife and fork.


Carole is probably at home.

Steve drank heavily in his youth, but is now a teetotaller.

If the large maroon turtleneck is too big, do you have it in medium?

I have warm feelings for that doll.

Don't worry, we're on our way.

Nora knew where Jerrie worked.

Who will take care of your cat then?

The sky is clear and the wind is refreshingly cool. It's a perfect day to spend outdoors.

He cast reflections on me.

Trying's explanation was too complicated.

Gil isn't a child anymore.

I don't have many friends.

The new machine brought in a lot of money.

A teacher's job isn't easy.

I always lied and now when I tell the truth, no one believes me.

I am not gay !.

Come what may, the mail will get delivered.

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Some people traveled by train, and others by road.

In both appearance and personality, Shankar is exactly like his father.

She engaged him as a programmer.

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I'm not much of a swimmer.

You have changed.

He rarely goes to the movies.

I promised not to tell anyone.

The rain being over, they went on with the game.

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I cooked dinner last night.


That woman has a strong personality.

Can I bum a cigarette off you?

Have you ever taken a vacation?

Jeannette and Greg failed to reach an agreement.

What's your schedule today?

I have to turn off the telephone.

There are three letters in the word ubi.

He is dressed in an old tweed suit.

Can I talk to Mike?

I want you to come with me to see Patricia.

There will be inevitable consequences.

Why do you think she came to see you?

I wonder what he will say.

Playing tennis is easy for me.

She did not forget his kindness as long as she lived.

I think this photo was taken in May.

I'll never forget him as long as I live.


Lance makes very few mistakes.

Let's get something cold to drink.

Syd bought a camera for Tuna.

Trying laughed until he cried.

The important thing is that you're here.

He has several times as many books as I.

Bob is popular at school.

You've got to take the bull by the horns!

Peggy wondered if he had enough firewood to make it through the winter.

Summer has just begun.

I have a right to choose.

Where did you interview them?

Do you want to give up?

Please come here at 3 o'clock precisely.

Give this to them.

Jianyun should have told me earlier.

You're my baby.

The big dog frightened the baby.

Because of Linda's outstanding grades last semester, I have arranged for her to visit Europe.

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I waited the entire weekend for an important phone call.

The ASEAN nations have come a long way.

A good student like Irving brings honor to our class.


She dared to never go back there.

The old antiphon came back.

This is what I bought in Spain.

He did not believe anyone had the right to do so.

He was surrounded by a crowd of pressmen.

You won a free car, didn't you?

I fear there aren't many people in the audience who have the same viewpoint.

This is a well shaped pine tree.

Did something go wrong?

Ye speak.

Don't make me do that.

Can't you apply the rules a little more elastically?

Just don't take offense to my question.

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You can trust him.

I made an abstract of a book.

I just want to be your friend.

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He made me shiver.

This is a good show.

She is a pianist.


I have not only that to do.

Glynn's cat is always waiting at the door when he arrives home.

I can't place her.

She's the prettiest girl in class. It's a shame she's so gross.

Yes, you're right; there is no sweeter pleasure than to surprise a man by giving him more than he hopes for.

The opposition formed a line in the box to try and block Messi from scoring.

There is a shared knowledge.

I have been silent for a long time.

Isn't that terrific?


Dan left for school at seven thirty.

This is exactly what I expected from you.

Jennie has three younger siblings.

I will buy you a new word processor.

I know how busy Krzysztof is.

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I'm busy, otherwise I'd accept your invitation.

The situation, I am sure, will be improved.

It'll be like a vacation.

Why don't you let me handle things?

Before meeting him, Pizzaro hid many of his men and guns near the town.

He was so angry he couldn't speak.

Half the pain of chest waxing is in the anticipation.

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What was all the shooting?

There's another slight problem.

Do I have to read these?

Hilda is ready to settle down and start a family.

I wasn't the one who wrote this letter.

Marilyn lives in the same part of town as Bonnie.

Sanjay persuaded Christina to join our band.

Mitch is facing eviction if he doesn't pay his back rent by the end of this month.

What's that little blinking light?

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It's impossible to learn English in a month.


I'm reading the Bible for the first time.

I feel energetic and happy.

Jochen arrived the day Vincent left.


Jump out of the frying pan into the fire.

Please cut my hair.

Heidi told me he wouldn't take up much of our time.


Martha and Kemal are my best friends.

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The section chief was really livid. What did you do?


She showed hardly any interest in the photos.


I was disappointed with your paper.


When she woke next morning, very early, it was still dark.

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Please tell me the precise time of their arrival.

Bernard told me you wanted to go hiking with us.

A great man doesn't care about his appearance.


She bore herself gracefully.


The courthouse is on Park Street.


It seems that much damage was done by yesterday's battle.


Some politicians are wolves in sheep's clothing.


Where do you write your novels?

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The shy boy murmured his name.


I should probably spend some time with Linder.


We all knew it.

There was an old clunker parked just behind my new sports car.

I can't see what the hurry is.

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That's our new boss.

I don't know the word 'impossible'.

The commander was roaring at his soldiers.


Theodore has been accepted to medical school.


There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.

I told Russell you used to live in Boston.

I'll be passing by your house at the start of the vacation.

He took advantage of my ignorance and deceived me.

It's not you, it's me.